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REPLACE - Case Studies

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Case Studies

The assurance of highly beneficial ‘Case for Replace’ applications are already in place. Many Mitsubishi Electric customers have successfully replaced old air conditioning systems run on the soon-to-be banned R22 refrigerant, in favour of modern, efficient and advanced systems using the widely proven and accepted R410A refrigerant instead. Replacing both Split and VRF units, there are many examples to demonstrate the ease, affordability and overall benefits enjoyed by those who’ve invested in new, highly efficient air conditioning systems.

St Clements, Daventry
The UK’s first R22 Replace System still reaping efficiency benefits

Logic Group, Hampshire
Upgraded system utilises existing infrastructure
to increase energy efficiency



Heyn Handling, Belfast
Forward thinking helped this company comply
with legislation

Nota Bene Hotel, France
Hotel disruption kept to a minimum whilst
guest comfort increased







































* Running cost comparing new 7kW Power Inverter Mr Slim cassette with equivalent 12-year-old system. Source Mitsubishi Electric’s Audit Tool.